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A rough sound resounded in the physical training center. Han blinked his eyes. He was having a hard time believing this moment was not a dream. His nose just broke. Before he had a moment to breathe, Laocha kicked Han's flank.


"The second years are administered drugs. They mature exponentially faster. Did you forget? In three years we have to wage war against the dragons. The adults won't wait for us to mature naturally."


The spear handle crushed into Sergeant Red's side. The sound of ribs cracking reverberated. Sergeant Red gritted through his teeth to bear out the pain. He grabbed onto Han's neck and arm.


"There are three main routes: top, middle, and bottom. In between the main routes, there are two rocky terrain zones. It's possible to detour into a different route through the rocky terrain. There is a stamina penalty when inside the rocky terrain zones; therefore, people are prone to being killed once found in these areas. Students are not allowed to carry heavy equipment in these locations– only small and light equipments. We should send students with nimble bodies into these zones. These zones will become a ranger's best friend."


"I heard your psychic rank is the worst. Not only are you a D-rank, but the development of your powers is slow as well. It is very unlikely that you will ever awaken your own unique psychic skills. It will be good to give up on your dreams of awakening powers like fire or teleportation. Then, what is left for you? The answer is simple. Train your telekinetic powers to the utmost limit. If you don't awaken a unique psychic skill, then telekinesis can be considered your skill. Among the 52 different skills, telekinesis is still one of them. Why don't you train to become a master of telekinetic skills."


Han sat by himself in the corner seat and continued trying to train his psychic powers. All the other children, who had yet to fully awaken their psychic powers, also seemed to be focusing on something else.

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Gradually, he got to befriend more people and became accustomed to daily life on the Ark. Second year felt like such a long time ago, and every day he missed his friends. He thought of the days he played card games with his friends late into the night.


Sergeant Red used his psychic energy to burn Han alive. The burn wounds extended as the smell of cooked meat spread throughout the area.


"Let's move out. The other squads already took off," Han commanded Squad 13.


drill instructor Wei stood on the second floor observing the students of class B. The second floor was designed so that one would easily be able to take in the battlefield from a bird eye's view.


Han cleared his throat loudly. Octo and the engineers at their computer looked to Han.


"It's been awhile, have you been well?" Kuro forced himself to sound cheerful. Kuro was shy but was one to laugh frequently. Han noticed that the other's laugh was forced and unnatural immediately.


Instructor Wei was not the best candidate to foster promotions through the Ark system. He believed that children should have the right to behave as children. In Instructor Wei's eyes, Han was just a pitiable child.



Han brought up squad 7's data to his mind. Squad 7 did not have an outstanding psyker like Kuro or Simon, but overall everyone excels in combat and personal skills. This had been the ultimate reason Han had never had a chance to utilize his skills.



Han peered behind himself. Kijo was in his team. Contrary to Han's worry, Kijo followed through strictly with Han's commands.


It had been a long time tradition that squad leaders would go to visit the new year 2 transfers at hospital ward 2. Though, some squad had enough members, they still went to analyze the new transferees.


Sergeant Red and Simon found a secure spot. Han and Silence opened their food rations. Han had packed some biscuits and drinks. He finished his biscuit and chugged down a drink to help digest his food.

  • Han swore words he'd never let out. The werewolf rampaged by itself and somehow flung itself into the trap. The ignition-type psykers, who had been on standby, immediately set the trap on fire. Flames burst out of the trap.
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