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Kuro's shoulders trembled. Second years could not leave unless they die or become permanently disabled. He already knew, but hearing it verbally had hit a chilling nerve inside of him.


The squad members tied some spears and cloth together to make a simple stretcher. They helped Kijo on top of it and moved forward. No, they tried to move.


He maintained a strong bond with his squad members, all the while, he did not let his emotions affect his role. He never let go of the dignity of a squad leader.


Han's helmet flopped to the ground. They couldn't see Silence's eyes, but his eyes were probably menacing. Han wiped the blood from his lip and stared back at Silence.


Han confirmed their victory before he rested against the tree. The emergency medic looked over the injuries, and transferred them to the recovery hall.


Han passed Jose full autonomy for the squad's training and went toward the first year buildings. When he stepped into the first year area, his data bracelet vibrated.

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Everyone received a message to gather on their data bracelets. They were to gather at the eighth training grounds. Han observed his squad's expressions and nodded.


A werewolf of gray fur appeared on the screens. Han and Kuro's eyes grew wide. It was their first time directly seeing the minion forms like this.


They would be able to supplement for the shortage of first years, but they couldn't afford to lose additional second years for the Ark Project to continue.


He felt something chilling from behind. Han prepared himself for an attack, but he didn't feel any impact. Rather, the youth who had snuck up from behind had fainted, and a stone plopped onto the ground.


The sound of a gun rang in the forest. The sound of more guns followed immediately. He could hear a short scream. Canute ran over while limping his leg. A bullet was jammed in his leg. It had no power to kill or penetrate the body, but the electrical shock had caused paralysis to Canute's leg.


The trivial rivalry between the squads had become meaningless. They were all youths of Ark. They had seen for themselves, their one true enemy. They were merciless and cruel beings from another world.


Grace continued to repeat most of the information she had lectured, over and over. The smell of hospital sanitizer wafted. Han and the other youths slowly climbed into the incubators. Oxygen masks attached to their mouths, and their bodies submerged completely in water. Blinding dread filled all the youths' minds.



Han arrived at the West side's central command center. There were a few people designated to guard this place. Han commanded his team of rangers to attack.



"Our enemy can probably maintain a psychic shield; this is the most probable reason the special forces were annihilated. If the enemy maintains a psychic shield in a narrow research center hallway, there is no way for them to survive. However, we're different. Don't you think so? Chan."


When they saw an opportunity to befriend others, they had no hesitations.They had their own cliques, of course, but they didn't view each other as enemies.


'The current members here will make a team. We will be making a temporary squad for a certain objective.'

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