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Han said standing at the forefront. The start of the squad battles signaled. The dome fell into darkness. Only a faint light lit up the battlefield.


"We need to get the generator running again. Calm down, Zhai." Schwartz commanded with calmness. He was also a very emotional person, but as long as he was the squad leader, he had to carry himself with rationality and reason.


Ark was the core psyker institution, and at the same time, they acted as the core military defence team. They had fought against the remnant minions that had hidden in abandoned terrains around the world.


Han cooled his body off with an ice pack. He was black and blue all over. He used some bandages to patch up his broken nose. Han reviewed the short battle like a professional go player would, after the fact.


Squad leaders needed to maintain a bird's eye view of the battle. Canute enjoyed his role as the vanguard, so trying to calculate the ins and outs of battle would be too troublesome. Han understood that it would be a long while before he would be able to meet the two again.


The squad members all looked to Kuro and exclaimed. Psychics were further divided numerically amongst A ranked psychics. S ranked psykers were named so, for their abnormally absurd level of psychic powers they could control.

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Jose said with an exaggerated tone. Han chuckled. Han had a will as strong as steel, while Jose's passion was as hot as fire. The two were used to coping with sadness.


Han blearily blinked his eyes. Han could see an afterimage of the Elu mage through the pillars of lights streaming out from the crack. The Elu mage didn't even imagine that someone would appear from behind them. It only focused on the enemies attacking from the front.


Sweat rained down from Jose's face. Smoke from the burnt tree rose into the air. Jose momentarily sat down and rested.


Silence sent a message. Simon nodded. There were many Elu warriors on guard while scanning their surroundings.


Han picked out five people to throw the spears. They took turns to throw the wooden spears. Han took deep breaths and held a wooden spear.


Han was a bit surprised. Kijo had kept his eyes on Han until the last moment. Amongst the chaos, he was able to make such a decision, that was quite amazing.


'Han could fully withstand the stress of battle. A handful of children can also maintain calmness, but there are also a few whose skills and judgements grow dramatically worse from nerves. Kuro's condition is the worst amongst everyone.'



The alarm alerting everyone that the battle would commence rang. Everyone moved out to their designated positions. Han was alone to remain in the central headquarters with the flag.



"The muscle fiber and bone density is increased by many folds, and as a result, the body becomes that much heavier. You're able to physically withstand the worst attacks, but on the flip side there is a huge weakness. Though your muscles have bulked up, you must also use twice as much energy to attack your opponent. A strong physique like yours is a requirement for piloting psychoframes. You shouldn't have blindly attacked me if you correctly observed my physique. I've trained myself to effectively evade most attacks."


Karl's gang had just woken up, and were not fully alert. Han stood strong, fending off everyone who got close. He calmly took care of the students, one by one.


The watching second years yelled. It was common to use an airbeat with support weapon attachments. Amongst them, bombs were also a common tool. However, this practice had been banned.

  • 'Kato could not accurately calculate Kuro's competency, strengths, and weaknesses. He blindly put faith in the mathematical scores of Kuro's psychic talent. He didn't personally see Kuro as a person for himself.'
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